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Find EU policy in a particular subject area. 

Start on the European Commission website under “Policies”.  This will take you to the site of the individual units of the commission which often have really good overviews of legislation and EU actions.

Find a document by regulation or directive number. 

Legal documents are all found on the Eur-lex website​.  Search “by document number” to find regulations and directives.  COM documents are found under “Collections” and “Preparatory Acts”.

Find a document by Official Journal citation.

Legal documents are all found on the Eur-lex website  

Find ECJ case law.

The best place to search ECJ decision is on Westlaw (EU-CS) or Lexis (Eurcom;ECJ).  The court itself also has a website  which is better than Eur-Lex but not as good as Westlaw or Lexis.

Find the legislative history of an EU law.

Legislative Procedures includes a complete history of every legislative document.  It is most easily used if you have the COM document number of the initial draft legislation.  For recent legislation you can also use the OEIL Legislative Observatory

Find scholarly articles on EU law topics.

The commission library has a great database of books and articles on EU topics called ECLAS .  This is not full-text, but can be used to find full-text articles.  Another good source is the Legal Journals Index on Westlaw (LJI) which is an index of UK articles.

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