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Finding Court Documents: Quick Start

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Find a Docket

A docket is a chronological summary of proceedings in a case, and is a handy way to keep track of what's happening and retrieve copies of the documents involved. To find a docket, start with Bloomberg Dockets and search by Judge, party name, docket number, or keywords.

Need more? Try our detailed guide to Finding Dockets.

Find a Pleading, Motion, or Order

The best place to find documents filed in a case is the docket. Find your docket using Bloomberg, then pull the documents you need.

Need more? Try our detailed guide to Finding Pleadings, Motions, & Orders

Find a Brief

Finding briefs can be tricky. The best place to start is the docket. Find your docket using Bloomberg, then pull the brief you need.

Need more or a historical (pre-1996) brief? Try our detailed guide to Finding Briefs.

Find Oral Arguments

For SCOTUS oral arguments, go to Oyez and click Cases to browse by term or do a keyword search of all terms.

For Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court oral arguments, go to Suffolk Law's Oral Argument Archive and browse by week, docket number, or name.

Need more? Try our detailed guide to Finding Oral Argument Transcripts.

Find Court Opinions (Reported or Unreported)

Search the case database for your jurisdiction on WestlawNext by keyword, citation, or party name. 

Need more? Try our detailed guide to Finding (reported and unreported) Court Opinions.

Find historical documents

Search by keyword/topic or browse by author or title in Gale's Making of Modern Law: Trials database, covering famous trials from 1600-1926.

Need more? See Historical Cases for more information, or speak with a reference librarian about a specific case.

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