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Clinical Programs Research Guide and Portal: Quick Start

Quick Start

Top 5 Clinic Research Tasks

Research the Subject Areas That Relate to the Clinical Program

Try Finding Information on Specific Topics relevant to the Clinical Programs, including domestic relations law, housing law, immigration law, social security practice and procedure, and unemployment insurance and compensation.

Research Massachusetts State and Local Law

Finding Massachusetts State and Local Law is another important task, requiring research on state and local law and locating forms needed for practicing in the Massachusetts courts.

Find Information Related to Massachusetts Courts

You may also need to Find Information on the Massachusetts Courts as well as finding things such as court rules, jury instructions, etc.

Find a Docket

For docket information on cases litigated in the federal courts, use Bloomberg Law or Westlaw.

If using Bloomberg Law, search for the material you want under "Dockets" or "Litigation and Dockets." Bloomberg Law has a comprehensive set of filings from the federal courts and extensive material from the state courts as well.

If using Westlaw, you can access the full directory of the Westlaw dockets databases by clicking on "Directory" from the main search page and then, under the "Litigation" heading, selecting "Dockets."

If you're having trouble finding a docket, please see a reference librarian.

Investigate or Find People, Companies, and Assets

In addition to legal research, students in the clinical programs need to perform investigative research tasks involving people, organizations, or assets. When Finding and Investigating People, you may need to locate contact information, vital records, neighbor and landlord information, criminal records, professional licenses, or motor vehicle registrations. Investigating Companies & Organizations involves locating contact information for companies and charitable organizations, business filings, news, and case law. Finding Information on Assets & Valuations includes locating information on liens and judgments, individual's real and personal property, company assets, and income.

Need more? See Historical Cases for more information, or speak with a reference librarian about a specific case.

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