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Laws, Regulations, and Court Rules

Regional Reporters

A., A.2d

Atlantic Reporter

(covers cases from CT, DE, DC, ME, MD, NH, NJ, PA , RI, VT)

N.E., N.E.2d

Northeastern Reporter

(covers cases from IL, IN, MA, NY, OH)

N.W., N.W.2d

North Western Reporter

(covers cases from IA, MI, MN, NE, ND, SD, WI)

P., P.2d, P.3d

Pacific Reporter

(covers cases from AK, AZ, CA, CO, HI, ID , KS, MT, NV, NM, OK, OR, UT, WA, WY)

S.E., S.E.2d

South Eastern Reporter

(covers cases from GA, NC, SC, VA, WV)

So., So.2d

Southern Reporter

(AL, FL, LA, MS)

S.W., S.W.2d, S.W.3d

South Western Reporter

(covers cases from AR, KY, MO, TN, TX)

State Reporters

Ala., Ariz., Ark., Cal., Colo., Conn., Del., Fla., Ga., Haw., Idaho, Ill., Ind., Iowa, Kan., Ky., La., Me., Md., Mass., Mich., Minn., Miss., Mo., Mont., Neb., Nev., N.H., N.J., N.M., N.Y., N.C., N.D., Ohio, Okla., Or., Pa., R.I., S.C., S.D., Tenn., Tex., Utah, Vt., Va., Wash., W.Va., Wis., Wyo.

The abbreviation of the state alone designates the cases of the court of last resort.

The state abbreviation plus App. usually designates the intermediate appellate court.

Alaska does NOT have a state reporter. See Pacific Reporter for Alaska cases.

D.C. court of appeals cases appear in the Atlantic Reporter.

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